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Electro-Slim Technology

Madame et Monsieur

Specializing in Sculpting  and Reshaping
Technology designed to meet every client’s needs for more than 25 years, worldwide.

Electro-Slim Body Sculpting

Non-Physical Full-Body Workout

Localized Tissue Reduction

Perfect Sculpting Through Muscle Rehabilitation and Rapid Fat Reduction


Each treatment takes place in your own private room where you simply lie down, relax, enjoy soft music, take in the fragrance of aromatherapy candles and let the Electro-Slim by Madame et Monsieur do all of the work for you.

Electro-Slim Technology

The Future of  Body Sculpting and Total Fitness


The complete Electro-Slim by Madame et Monsieur program offers benefits for the following:

  • Body toning/ sculpting for ladies with that cellulite saggy areas.
  • Muscle Rehabilitation /strengthen therapy for all athletes as well as UFC Fighters, etc.
  • Weight loss programs…helps your lymphatic drainage/muscle toning through the rehabilitation stimulation, tremendous fat loss with our nutritional counseling.
  • Child obesity…our complete program is extremely successful on our young patients.
  • Executive businessmen with that deskbound excess that accumulate around the waistline.
  • Beauty pageants…The electro-slim program has for a number of years successfully produced winners worldwide including a few Miss Worlds.
  • Elderly patients that cannot do physical workouts anymore, needs blood circulation and muscle workouts to help them maintain good physical and mental health, we have help thousands.
  • Diabetes patients need blood circulation. Guidance on good nutrition is extremely important.
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