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Madame Et Monsieur is proud to announce the opening of their Las Vegas Strip body salon

Electro-Slim by Madame Et Monsieur


Specializing in Sculpting  and Reshaping   Technology designed to meet every client’s needs for more than 25 years worldwide.




 Electro-Slim Body Sculpting    ~    Non-Physical Full-Body Workout    


~     Localized Tissue Reduction    ~   


Perfect Sculpting Through Muscle Rehabilitation and Rapid Fat Reduction




 Each treatment takes place in your own private room where you simply lie down, relax, enjoy soft music, take in the fragrance of aromatherapy candles & let the Electro-Slim treatment plan by Madame et Monsieur do all of the work for you.


Electro-Slim Technology™

The Future of  Body Sculpting and Total Fitness


You Already Know Our Service is First-Class, but Now


Madame et Monsieur is First in the World to offer


In-Flight Electro-Slim Treatments on Executive Jets.


Arrive in Vegas Looking Fabulous & Feeling Great!


Spa Owners and Doctor Offices!

Take Your Client Care to the Next Level

 New Year Resolutions are HERE
Swimsuit Season is around the corner!

Call today and Be Ready
to Offer Your Clients a Healthier Body!

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