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What is Electro-Slim?
Electro-Slim treatment utilizes equipment that sends trains of pulses with a variable pulse repetition frequency to site-specific areas using skin contact electrodes.  These pulse trains produce rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in muscle rehabilitation.  The passive exercise of particular muscle unit increase blood circulation, recommended treatment sessions are one (1) hour, 2 to 4 times per week.  There is no side effects, only benefits. (Read More)
Madame et Monsieur
is the sole distributor
for this custom
Electro-Slim protocol.
Madame et Monsieur is the sole  distrubeter for this custom   Electro -Slim   protocol 
Worldwide Founders
Ria Taute M.S.F.P.
Robey Taute M.S.F.P.
Ria and Robey Taute have developed a unique electro-slim protocol that earned them the title of the king and queen in the fight against obesity.  They are now offering their system to the medical and spa industry world wide. (Read More)

Body By Design

Electro-Slim Science
Dr. Thomas Brewer- Technical Consultant

It is claimed that repeated applications of such pulse stimulation produce breakdown of adipose tissue by localised passive exercise of the muscle unit, and so effect a generalized size and weight reduction.
Medical Advisor DR Caroline Williams

 Medical Advisor Dr. Caroline Williams
Dr. Caroline Williams is a Chiropractic Physician that has been practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2001.

She has a holistic perspective and evaluates each patient thoroughly to determine the cause of his or her dysfunction whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or chemical.

Dr. Williams believes in empowering patients with the tools and knowledge to improve their quality of life for years to come.

Dr. Williams practices what she teaches. She lives a healthy lifestyle and is a successful physique competitor with the NPC, the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the U.S. She has placed and competed in many physique shows including the 2013 Gold Coast Classic where she took both 1st place and overall winner. Her first National show was NPC USA's held in July 2013 in Las Vegas, where she placed 3rd in Physique.

In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Williams also practices Integrative Functional Medicine with a focus on weight loss and anti-aging medicine.

Any interest or questions regarding services, please feel free to visit or contact Dr. Williams via phone at 702-683-3647 
Welcome to Madame Et Monsieur Weight Loss
The complete Madame ET Monsieur Electro-slim
program offers the following....
Body toning/ sculpting for ladies with that cellulite saggy areas.
Muscle Re-habilitation /strengthen therapy for all athletes as well as U.F.C.fighters etc...
Weight loss programs...helps your lymphatic drainage/muscle toning through the rehabilitation Stimulation, tremendous fat loss with our nutritional counseling.
Child obesity...our complete program is extremely successful on our young patience.
Executive businessmen with that deskbound excess that accumulate around the waistline. This program is by far the best!
Beauty pageants...The electro-slim program has for a number of years successfully produced winners worldwide including a few miss worlds.
Elderly patients that cannot do physical workouts anymore, needs blood circulation and muscle workouts to help them maintain good physical and mental health, we have help thousands.
Diabetes patients...needs Blood circulation.... extremely important and guidance on good nutrition.
We offer complimentary non obligated consultation
Just call in for your appointment....
Tel 702 444 0229


Electro-Slim Technology
Specializing in Sculpting  and Reshaping
Technology designed to meet every clients needs,for more than 25 year, worldwide.

  • Electrostimulation Body Sculpting
  • Non-Physical Full-Body Workout
  • Localized Tissue Reduction
  • Perfect Sculpting Through Muscle Rehabilitation and Rapid Fat Reduction
Non-Physical Full Body Workout
Each treatment takes place in your own private room where you simply lie down, relax, enjoy soft music, take in the fragrance of aromatherapy candles and let the Electro-Slim do all of the work for you.

Electro-Slim Technology
The Future of  Body Sculpting and Total Fitness

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