You can not replace a winning recipe unless it is with a better recipe!.  At Madame et Monsieur, we  have proved  that we have a winning recipe which is affordable as well as maintainable. It  is a natural and healthy way to lose weight, but you can still go on holiday and live a normal life , eat normal food , look better , feel better,  and stay in shape . The secret is small portions, and choose the better option on what you are eating. Exercise is a must- and drink water daily. Bread   … “I don’t knead , you  know”    Obesity all over the word is crying for a solution for the overweight amongst people. England is now saying she will take away  benefits  (the doul) to obese people unless they lose weight. Carb-cut is what needs to be done.

Settling into 2015.

Summer is almost upon us. There is also the Easter holidays to look forward  to. Easter is about chocolates and there is a sugar free chocolate available. 1 small Canderal chocolate twice a week is allowed on the diet to keep the sweet tooth at bay.


Shapes are personal and go beyond the usual apple and pear. Women can have 3 typical body shapes- Upper body fat, lower body fat and both upper and lower body fat. Men usually only get upper body fat. The upper body stores fat in times of stress and some people can lose and gain weight  rapidly in the upper body. The lower body fat in women responds to female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone and stores fat for breastfeeding a new born baby. Women who have both upper and lower body fat will loose the upper body fat first. Women with more upper body fat tend to have more muscle than women with lower body fat and will need more protein in their diet to help control their hunger. Losing weight is harder if you have lower body fat rather than upper body fat. But the medical benefits of losing your upper body fat are far greater.

More body shapes.

The shape you can change – and the one you can’t change. Due to low metabolism many women with lower body fat can’t lose the weight by cutting calories. Their lower body fat cells are resistant to both exercise and diet. Eat enough protein and exercise to maintain lean muscle. Maintain your weight will help to stabilize your metabolism.

Thought of the month:  “ It is not what you look at…    it is what you see”.






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