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Acquisition of Beauty
Acquisition of Beauty
by Luxury Magazine
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Luxury Magazine of Las Vegas, Nevada published by the Review Journal recently printed ‘The Acquisition of Beauty’ they interviewed Robey Taute in the following article:

Electro Slim Technology for Body Sculpting and Reshaping

Robey Taute, co-owner of Madame et Monsieur in Henderson, champions his company’s exclusive technology that, he says, “ provides a non-physical full body workout”.

What is it?

When this non-invasive therapy is employed, electrodes are attached to problem areas of the body for one hour.  The electrical signal results in increased circulation and, Taute says, immediately jump starts your metabolism.

Electro Slim is a copyrighted custom software program employed as a means of passive exercise. The electrodes produce powerful muscle contractions that result in both muscle rehabilitation and strengthening along with rapid weight loss. It is painless and in fact many clients sleep during treatment.

A personal nutritional program is included for each client.

Who should get it?

There are no gender or age requirements. Taute says it is in fact a very family-orientated program. The youngest client is 12 years of age and some are in their 90’s.

How long does it last?

Two to four sessions per week are recommended, depending upon desired results. As long as a healthy lifestyle and diet are followed the weight loss will be maintained.


10 treatments are $950 but there are group rates available for families and friends that are less expensive.

Click here for a printable version.