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Madame et Monsieur trims the fat
Madame et Monsieur trims the fat
by Bobbie Katz, Las Vegas Reporter for HelloMetro
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For many of us, exercising is something that we have to fight with ourselves to do, even though we know that it helps us maintain a healthy and fit body. But one innovative Las Vegas salon, Madame et Monsieur, has proven that you can lose fat and inches and maintain health simply by taking the exercise issue lying down.      


Via a process called electro-weight loss, Madame et Monsieur allows both men and women to achieve both generalized fat and weight loss as well as spot reduction in specific areas by providing a non-physical “workout” for the body’s muscles.      


Clients are taken into their own private room in the salon, where they recline, relax, and enjoy the sounds of soft music and the scent of aromatherapy candles. A specialized technician connects 12 strategically placed electrodes on multiple target areas on the body. Those electrodes send waves of pulses with variable pulse repetition frequency to those site-specific areas, producing rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in both muscle rehabilitation and fat reduction.      


“The treatment lasts 60 minutes and is equivalent to results achieved by several hours of physical exercise,” says Ria Taute, who has been providing this technology for 27 years, having patented it in 1983 with her husband, Robey, after extensive study and research. “It feels like a localized massage and is quite de-stressing. There are no side effects. Some clients even fall asleep. Measurements are taken before and after treatment and there is typically a one-third inch to two-inch size reduction in the target areas.”      


While electrode therapy has long been used by sports doctors, physical therapists and urologists to strengthen damaged and withered muscles, the Tautes developed the special software programs used in the equipment to facilitate the Electro-Body Sculpting protocol.  Each wavelength – there are three in an hour treatment, of 20 minutes duration each, – performs a different function.      


“The first circulates blood to all the cells, repairing and rejuvenating them,” Robey explains. “The second wavelength is a deep tissue profile that helps detoxify the body. The third is a rehabilitation profile that strengthens muscles to prevent injury and includes a passive muscle workout to burn fat and tone and firm and tone loose flabby muscles.”      


To go along with the program, a balanced meal plan is offered. It’s low in carbohydrates, medically approved, and requires no calorie counting or weighing.      


The Tautes, both of Dutch descent, opened their first salons in their native land of South Africa, then expanded to Australia and England. Moving to the United States and making their home in Las Vegas, they opened two salons here, as well as in other states. Plans are currently underway to expand Madame et Monsieur into each of the 50 states.   “  

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