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Electro-Slim Doctor Recommended Weight Loss

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Kevin revitalized his entire wellbeing

Kevin lost 85 lbs. Our special protocol saved his life and revitalized his entire wellbeing and looks. [ View more ]

Alex & Sarah Weight Loss Testimonials

Alex lost 10kg in 4 weeks and Sarah lost 12kg. They have done the Aussies proud! Thank you both for being star clients! [ View more ]

Sarah Hawley Weight Loss Testimonials

I started my treatments with Desire and with her help and the program, I lost the weight fast! Now I keep it off and look forward to helping others to do the same. [ View more ]

Kelly Weight Loss Testimonials

Kelly Force Lost 80lbs at our clinic in Tunkhannock P.A with therapist Desire. Needs to lose 60 more pounds follow her on our website. [ View more ]

Manson Weight Loss Testimonials

14 year old Manson Jones lost a remarkable 50lbs. with the Madame et Monsieur weight loss program. So its no surprise that Manson's dream is to become a famous baseball player and is working hard to do what it takes to achieve this dream. [ View more ]

The program has changed my life!

I did the program for 12 weeks and lost 19kgs and 11cm from chest, 14cm from waist and 14cm from bottom. The program has changed my life in the way that I understand food groups better and exercise a lot now and are going out on dates which I would never have done in the past. [ View more ]

Marcelle Fastest Shape Up Testimonials

Marcelle lost 40lbs with METM in Pensylvanian. Thank you to the best therapist Desire. Without all the encouragement and support I will still be fat and out of shape. [ View more ]

Cheryl & Rylee Carnright Testimonials

Rylee has lost over 20 pounds and I've lost a total (a little of what I did on my own and the rest with Desiree) a total of 26 pounds and lots of inches - that's the most dramatic part - the inches! [ View more ]

Elissa Lifting & Toning Testimonial

I am a model/entertainer and my profession depends a lot on my looks and figure. I have always been thin, but as I get older maintaining that has gotten harder. Thanks to Madame et Monsieur I look and feel better than ever! They have helped tone and lift those hard to work areas, and made it so easy! [ View more ]

Lana Body Sculpting Testimonials

I eat healthy and exercise regularly In the dressing rooms of most beauty pagents there is a slogan competition starts in the kitchen Let me tel you for me competition starts in the kitchen and MADAME ET MONSIEUR electro slim treatments... [ View more ]

Shakeria Weight Loss Testimonials

I have been on Ria and Robey's electro-slim program for about 6 months now and I have lost 25 pounds so far. [ View more ]

Brika Weight Loss Testimonials

Wow I lost 20Lbs and my pretty dress looked sooooo! much better on me it actually looked like a different dress I enjoy fashion much more, I walk more , have more energy and never knew weight-loss would be so easy once you get to follow a proven regime Thanks m+m [ View more ]

Ann Weight Loss Testimonials

I really joined the program to support my 13 year old a year ago I must say it feels great to be thin and have still all my confidence My pictures show my 50lbs weightloss... [ View more ]

David Young Weight Loss Testimonials

When I was 50+ Lbs overweight people always thought that I was Older After my wonderful weightloss program they now get my age right Thanks to Robey who support you all the way and also firmly ensure that you follow his program I was worried about my skin on my stomach It was stetched a lot but the Electro-slim [ View more ]

Mike and Debbie Testimonials

We as parents tried virtually everything from weight watchers to excercise as a family to expensive high profile doctors to giving our child a shot in the stomach before meals with small results and then back to the beginning. It's early in her journey but at this moment she has lost over 40 lbs. [ View more ]

Sheila Weight Loss Testimonials

Sheila lost 10kg (22 pounds) and 2.5 dress sizes in 6 weeks. [ View more ]

Lynn Weight Loss Testimonials

Lynn has lost 28kg ( 62 pounds) in 15 weeks, so far. She was a size 22 and is now size 14. Australian size. [ View more ]

Judith Weight Loss Testimonial

My name is Judith. Madame Et Monsieur (M Et M) came into my life 6 years ago. Like most women, whenever one has a birthday with a zero at the end of it ones body shape seems to change, notably not for the best. At the age of 52 I was overweight and very thick around the waist, stomach and buttocks. I am not a gym person, I have tried it several times and have also had a personal trainer, but it's just not for me. I read an article in the Sun newspaper (Gold Coast Australia) about M Et M. [ View more ]

Matthew Weight Loss Testimonial

I am 13 and I have lost 30 pounds with the therapy and the diet system. I have dropped from a 32 in. waist size to a 29in. waist! I am feeling great and i'm still losing weight! [ View more ]

Weight Loss Success Story From Jean

The program is awesome, phenomenal. I experience an overall sense of well-being after every treatment. [ View more ]

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